SME Compatibility Test for Standards

22-11-2021 9:51 -- Jean Verschure


The questions which follow are intended to allow you to judge the level of the compatibility of a standard in relation to SMEs.

Please answer all questions based on the full content of the standard you are assessing. If a question is not relevant to the standard you are assessing, please answer Not applicable (NA). The more questions you are able to answer with a score (as opposed to replying NA), the more accurate the overall score will be.

Your assessment will be much more valuable if you provide evidence (e.g. citing text from the standard) to justify your answers.

Please ensure that something is placed into every score box, either a number (1, 3 or 5) or NA. The field is mandatory. For information, the values are weighed depending on the importance of the criterion.

Once you have answered all questions, the form will automatically calculate the overall rating for the standard you have assessed. The overall rating is shown at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Three levels of compatibility have been defined:

  • Rate between 0 and 33%: the standard is poor and causes substantial challenges for SMEs. The standard requires urgent/fundamental improvement.
  • Rate between 34 and 66%: the standard is average in relation to compatibility with SME's needs. The standard should be improved.
  • Rate between 67 and 100%: the standard is good and compatible with SMEs' needs in general. The standard requires little or no change.
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