Position Papers

Here you may find SBS Position Papers.

This SBS position paper refers to the possibility to reduce the financial burden of obtaining a CE marking for construction micro-enterprises through ‘simplified procedures’ defined by article 37 of the Construction Products Regul

Input by the SBS construction sector for the JOINT INITIATIVE ON STANDARDISATION (PACT)

The proposal for a Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as issued by the European Commission in March 2014, introduces a new limit to the validity of EU type certificates. However, under current circumstances, the reality is that for most SMEs in Europe, certificates are already valid no more than 5 years, although the new Regulation has not yet been adopted.

On 18 December 2013, CEN Technical Board (BT) took the decision to create a CEN/BT/WG 215 'Building Information Modelling (BIM). In light of the general context and of the overall objective, SBS puts forward certain concrete and specific remarks that will drive SBS work in this field and the work of the future SBS expert in CEN TC 442.

SBS calls for a strict application of the Regulation, in regard to the recognition of the role of SBS and of Annex III Organisations in the European Standardisation System.

At this most recent meeting of the SCC, a working document on the expected content of Harmonised Standards under the CPR in the future was presented by the EC and caused an open and constructive discussion, to which SBS wants to contribute in writing.